Tuition & Hours of Operation


Hours of Operation:

Infant Room: 7:45-5:30 (specific schedule options must be decided)
Toddler Room: 7:45-5:30 M-F (3 options available)
Preschool Room: 7:45-5:30 M-F (3 options available)
Pre-K: 7:45-3:15 With aftercare available until 5:30 (2 options available)

Holiday Closure throughout the year:

Martin Luther King Jr day, President's Day, 3 Staff Training days, Spring Break 3 days-April, Memorial day, Independence Day, Summer break 2 days-July, Summer break 2 days-August, Labor day, Thanksgiving Break 3 days, Winter Break 7 days.
Total Closure: 25 days per year
*** Holiday closures are subject to change each year. Please refer to the yearly calendar that is passed out at the beginning of each year/upon enrollment for the most accurate closure schedule.

Fees and Payment Policy

The program salaries, supplies, and administrative expenses are supported entirely by parent fees. The fees are subject to change with 30 days notice and currently are as follows: Each classroom has a registration Fee of $75- This fee will be added to your child’s first month’s bill, depending on your child’s enrollment date. This fee helps cover insurance costs.

*All rooms have a $100.00 deposit to reserve a spot more than 2 months in advance of your child starting. Should you not inform us of your child not attending Little Learners within 30 days prior to his/her start date, you will forgo the deposit.*

Online payments can be made through your quickbook monthly invoice. Please add $5 to your bill when using this service to cover the online fee.

Infant Room:

Half-day rate $39 per day
¾ day rate $49 per day
Full-day rate $59 per day

Toddler Room:

Half-day rate $29 per day
¾ day rate $39 per day
Full day rate $49 per day

Preschool Room:

Half-day rate $26 per day
¾ day rate $34 per day
Full day rate $41 per day

Pre-K Room: (Prerequisite required)

¾ rate $34 per day or $41 per day full day

The holidays that will be charged are the following; New Years day, Martin Luther King Jr. day, Presidents Day, 2 days for Spring break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, 2 days for Thanksgiving and 4 days for Winter break. Holidays that fall on a weekend will not be charged. Families will only be charged for the above holidays if he/she child enrollment day falls on the closure day.

Tuition payments are due on the 1st of the month prior to care. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged if payments are not paid by the 5th of the month. If payments are still not made by the 8th, a $5 charge will occur each day until payment is received. Children may not return to school with a outstanding balance of 30 days or more until payment has been received.

All fees are to be paid in advance of services, unless they are being paid by an outside agency and has been arranged by the Director and Parent/Guardian. Each month, families will receive a monthly invoice. Families will be given 30 notice of prior to rate change. We have a no refund policy, unless two week notice is given to Directors.

Registration and Enrollment
For parents using an outside agency for payment.

  • Vouchers must be signed on a daily basis.
  • Certificates must be signed in a timely fashion.
  • On your child’s last day of the month you must sign at the bottom of your voucher.
  • You must write in a reason for any illness (i.e. cold, flu, etc. not just “sick”). This is due to government regulations that fund these programs.
  • Failure to give a two-week notice before withdrawal from the program may make you liable for fees not covered by Changing Tides.

Parents/Guardians will be responsible for any fees not covered by their voucher program.
These fees will be reflected in the following months billing.