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Little Learners Team

Little Learners was developed out of the need for a high quality child care center that caters to working families, with a year round program and flexible enrollment schedules. We recognize that the families and children we serve, are our core strength and we aim to bridge the gap between the center and home. We believe in hiring highly qualified teachers to facilitate our enriching program in meeting the needs of our children and families.

Owners Backgrounds


Owner/Director/Founder: Shannon Dawson

Shannon holds a Bachelor's degree in Child Development from Humboldt State University. Shannon is the founder of Little Learners. She has worked in a toddler, preschool, and school age programs. She has been working with children for the past 15 years. Shannon was the former 2008 Economic Fuel competition winner and opened Little Learners Preschool in 2008. Shannon has three children of her, Brittany age 16, Hailey age 15 and Gavin age 2. Shannon understands the needs for high quality childcare programs in Humboldt County and enjoys supporting families in our community. Shannon enjoys being a part of the community and is involved in many local organizations. When Shannon isn't at work, she can be found at local children sporting events with her children or volunteering her time on local boards. Shannon loves supporting children’s growth and development. Shannon loves spending her time at Little Learners!

Site Supervisors Backgrounds


Site Supervisor at 11th & M st. - Krystal Arnot

Krystal holds a bachelors degree from Pacific Oaks College in Human Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. She also has her associates degree from College of the Redwoods in Early Childhood Education. Krystal began working at Little Learners in May 2013 in the Toddler Room. In May 2014, she transferred to the 11th & M site where she has been ever since. Krystal is passionate about working with children and their families. Krystal enjoys staying active in the local ECE community through various conferences, workshops, and trainings. She is an advocate for high quality child care and supporting children in their most important stages of life through age-appropraite outlets. In Krystal's classroom, she loves to learn while having fun and laughing. She also loves to support the children in their social and emotional growth. She strives to make each opportunity a learning opportunity for the children and herself. When Krystal is not at Little Learners, she enjoys hiking with her husband and dog, Kobi, playing her ukulele, taking road trips, reading a good book, and making various craft projects.

Site Supervisor at Valley East Site - Cila Hall

Cila has her associates degree from College of the Redwoods in Early Childhood Education. Cila began working at Little Learners in November of 2011 in the preschool, toddler, pre-k room. And now she works as a head teacher in the preschool room at our Guintoli site. Cila enjoys working, interacting, communicating with the children and their families daily. When Cila is in her classroom she loves to sing, dance, teach, laugh, and help support growth of each child individually. Cila enjoys learning more to create a learning and interactive classroom by going to ECE trainings, conferences and reading books and articles. When Cila isn't at Little Learners, she likes to craft, read, sing, babysit, and learn new hobbies!

Liz Sepulveda

Site Supervisor at Eureka – Liz Sepulveda

Liz has been part of the Little Learner’s Team since late 2013. She moved to the Eureka site to be the Supervisor in August 2017. Liz has a BA in Child Development from HSU and has a minor in Sign Language and Ethnic Studies. She has worked with children professionally since 2008 in different settings list home childcares, private and state owned. She has a little learner who is currently in the toddler room who has been part of Little Leaners since she was 6 months old. Liz loves to work in all the classrooms to get to know all the children and families. Her motivation and drive for being a supervisor/teacher are the children. It is important to Liz to be a part of each child’s development and provide high quality care.

Christina Heathman

Site Supervisor at 10th street – Christina Heathman

Christina holds an Associates of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from College of the Redwoods. She began working at Little Learners in July of 2013 at the Guintoli site as a head Preschool teacher. She is now the site supervisor and the head preschool teacher at the Arcata 10th and O st Little Learners site. Christina has two children of her own, Logan and Peyton. When Christina is not working at Little Learners she is enjoying her time with her family and friends.

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